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Commercial Floor - Concrete Raising & Leveling

Commercial concrete floors are an excellent choice for warehouses, apartment complexes, and other businesses but when concrete floors start shifting and sagging it can cause serious problems.


In a warehouse setting a concrete floor that is not level can cause damage to expensive machinery like forklifts, trip hazards to employees, and even in more extreme cases cause structure risks to rack systems and other machinery.


In a general business setting at the very least concrete that is not level can cause trip hazards resulting in employee injuries and other issues. 


In all business applications, you can see the importance of having smooth, level, concrete to both protect company employees and guests as well as company assets. 


Our certified professional concrete raising & leveling technicians can evaluate your business's needs much more effectively than "we do it all" companies because we focus solely on concrete surface leveling.


When we arrive onsite at a customer's business we evaluate your needs, formulate a plan of action, and give you a quote based on those needs. At that time we can answer any questions you have and schedule a time to come out and take care of the project.​

Concrete Floor Raising Chicago Estimate and Quote
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