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Reinforced Concrete Pipe Repair - Chicago

Trenchless Concrete Pipe Repair - Chicago

Reinforced concrete pipe is highly durable and commonly used for culverts, but the most prevalent issue is leaking joints. Elevation Concrete Raising specializes in repairing reinforced concrete pipes.

Piping occurs when water flows outside of a culvert, which can be caused by various factors. To fix piping, the water's flow through the culvert must be made easier than its flow alongside it. This can be done through plugging the source of the water and filling its flow path, typically with polyurethane grouting. This type of grouting is also used to fill water flow paths along the pipe and solidify soils around the water source.

Elevation Concrete Raising uses plural component polyurethane grouts for repairing reinforced concrete pipes, which are structural and do not hold water while also having high bearing capacities. This ensures that the pipe is structurally stabilized against movement after it is fixed.

Reinforced Concrete Pipe Poly Foam Injection - Reinforced Concrete Pipe Repair Chicago - R

Open joints in RCP pipes are a frequent issue that can lead to backfill material eroding into the pipe and sinkholes forming over the pipes. External grouting stops the infiltration of water and/or soil and backfill material, while internal coating stops water exfiltration.

Voids often accompany piping and open joints, and are filled with polyurethane grouting. Elevation Concrete Raising uses special low-exotherm polyurethane grouts for bulk void filling. This type of grout allows for filling of exceptionally large voids quickly without causing heat problems. It is injected into the pipe through holes drilled into the wall and expands up to 30 times its original size to completely fill the voids. The grout provides structural support for the pipe and surrounding soil and structures.

Reinforced Concrete Pipe Poly Foam Injection - Reinforced Concrete Pipe Repair Chicago - R
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Elevation Concrete Raise are experts when it comes to the capabilities of poly foam and the uses of the various types of foam available. Our experts can examine your reinforced concrete pipe and in most cases give you a cost-effective approach to repair vs. removal of the old pipe and replacement.

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