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Industrial & DOT Concrete Stabilization - Chicago

Industrial & DOT concrete stabilization requires experience in actually finding the source of the problem rather than just using a quick band-aide to repair the problem. If the source of the problem is found a proper solution can be implemented resulting in a repair that will last!

Our industrial concrete stabilization services are just that. We find the source of the unstable concrete and treat that. With our polyfoam chemical grouting, we are able to inject an environment-friendly foam into the underlayment and soil beneath a roadway or around sewer pipes compacting the soil and stabilizing it.



Once the soil has been properly stabilized we can then inject this polyfoam chemical grout under the roadway raising it back up and filling all the voids beneath it. This saves the city thousands of dollars in replacement concrete tear-out work and repours.

The polyfoam chemical grout is strong enough to stand up to the biggest jobs. It has been used for everything from raising a sidewalk to stabilizing international airport runways. It is extremely strong, does not wash away, and can be driven on in as little as 20 minutes resulting in virtually no downtime!

If you have an industrial concrete raising or concrete stabilization project contact us and we would be glad to send one of our experts out to assess the area and give you an estimate on repairing the problems.

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Trenchless Sewer Repairs Chicago

Beyond bridges and roadways, we also cover all industrial infrastructure below the concrete. If a concrete sews line is leaking causing soil erosion below roadways, sidewalks, etc. we can inject our poly foam through those pipes from the inside effectively sealing out the water and preventing further soil erosion while once again stabilizing the surrounding soils.

This form of trenchless sewer repair allows for huge savings compared to tear out and replace. The other benefit, since the polyfoam is waterproof, it cannot wash away like soil can so once it has been installed you know that you will never have to deal with this problem again in the treated area.

Polyfoam injection trenchless sewer repairs are a great method of repair that can be extremely beneficial to the public waterworks allowing fast, effective, and cost-effective repairs to sewer systems without digging.

Polyfoam injection services can be used for:

• Water intrusion prevention and mitigation for all sewer system lines

• Prevention of groundwater intrusion

• Sewer system pipe sealing to prevent erosion and damage to critical infrastructure

• Structural stability of above roadways, sidewalks, or other structures

• Void filling and soil stabilization of affected areas

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Industrial Concrete Repair Process Chicago

The processes used in our industrial concrete stabilization services is cutting-edge technology that when used properly effectively eliminated the need to expensive excavation services and results in a long-lasting repair that can stand up to the harshest conditions.


Our process is simple:

  1. We start with a proper inspection of the area to track down the source of the problem. This can include visual inspections, drill tests, or even GPR (Ground-penetrating Radar) if necessary to ensure the proper solution is implemented for a given project.

  2. After we know what steps need to be taken to repair the area, we begin drilling holes and placing injection ports in the given area. Some ports are short for close to the surface injections like those in sewers and to lift roadway slabs or longer injection ports to reach deep into soil for stabilization methods.

  3. Once injection ports have been placed we begin pumping in a two-part polyurethane foam that quickly fills voids below the surface and compacts soils.

  4. After soil compaction has taken place and voids have been filled additional foam may be pumped in the ports allowing technicians to raise the concrete slabs back to the original grade if necessary.

  5. In as little as 20 minutes after pumping the concrete surface is once again ready for the general public to be walking and/or driving on. Holes from the ports are patched and repairs are virtually invisible.

Industrial Concrete Leveling Chicago - Industrial Concrete Raising Chicago - Industrial Concrete lifting Chicago - Industrial Concrete Contractor Chicago
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