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Corrugated Metal Pipe Repair - Chicago

Trenchless Metal Pipe Repair - Chicago

Whether it's issues with piping, open joints, voids, washouts, or deteriorated inverts, Elevation Concrete Raising has the solutions to meet your corrugated metal pipe repair requirements.



Piping occurs when water flows outside a culvert instead of through it. Various factors can lead to piping, but the key to resolving it is to make it easier for water to flow through the culvert than alongside it. Two approaches to addressing piping include plugging the water source and filling its flow path. Polyurethane grouting is commonly used for both plugging and filling water flow paths along the pipe. In some cases, chemical grouting is employed to solidify soils around the water source location.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Repair Chicago - Industrial Pipe repair Chicago - Poly Foam Pipe Rep

Elevation Concrete Raising uses multi-component polyurethane grouts for polyurethane grouting. These grouts are structural, closed cell rigid plastics that don't retain water and have high bearing capacities, ensuring that the corrugated metal pipe is structurally stabilized against movement once the piping issue is addressed.

Open Joints:

Open joints in corrugated metal pipes often cause problems. Misaligned joints can lead to backfill material erosion into the pipe, compromising the pipe's structural integrity, which relies on proper backfill. Injection seals joints against soil and water infiltration, while sprayed coatings seal against water exfiltration.


Voids typically accompany piping and open joints, and are addressed using polyurethane grouting. In cases of exceptionally large voids outside of pipes, low-exotherm polyurethane grouts are essential. Elevation Concrete Raising utilizes special low exotherm polyurethane grouts for bulk void filling. This allows for quick filling of large voids without heat-related issues. The grout provides structural support for the pipe and overlying soils and structures.

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Washouts are relatively common outside corrugated metal pipes. Small amounts of piping and voids can escalate into washout conditions where overlying soil collapses. Elevation Concrete Raising uses polyurethane grouting for washout corrugated metal pipe repair, with low exotherm polyurethane grouts and structural foams being crucial in such situations. We offer foams that work well in both dry and wet conditions.


Inverts Deteriorated inverts are a prevalent issue with corrugated metal pipes. Over time, protective coatings such as galvanizing or aluminizing are abraded, exposing the steel pipe to water, which typically occurs at the invert. The invert eventually rusts through, accelerating the culvert system's deterioration and potentially causing complete failure or pipe collapse.

Deteriorated inverts can be repaired using various methods, including paving inverts with concrete to create a new reinforced pipe floor or installing special concrete blankets to prevent pipe abrasion. Sprayed coatings may also be employed for corrugated metal pipe repair to address corroded inverts.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Leaking Chicago - Corrugated Pipe Leak Repair Chicago - Corrugated M

Before Poly Foam Injection

Corrugated Metal Pipe Leaking Chicago - Corrugated Pipe Leak Repair Chicago - Corrugated M

After Poly Foam Injection

Consult an Expert About Corrugated Metal Pipe Repair

Elevation Concrete Raise are experts when it comes to the capabilities of poly foam and the uses of the various types of foam available. Our experts can examine your metal corrugated pipe and in most cases give you a cost-effective approach to repair vs. removal of the old pipe and replacement.

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