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Concrete Pool Deck Raising & Leveling

Uneven concrete slabs around a pool deck are not just a trip hazard, they are extremely dangerous for your family and friends. Given the nature of pools its no shock that when people see these kinds of issues they are looking to get the concrete repaired. What most people don't realize though is that there is a cost-effective way of doing so without having to actually tear out and replace the shifted concrete slabs.

To lift concrete slabs and eliminate the trip hazards around your pool we use a specially formulated, environmentally friendly, foam that is designed to the water from a pool or water in general. The foam is so strong it has even been used on seawalls all over the world! 

If you have a pool deck with concrete slabs that have shifted creating trip hazards, get in touch with us to see how much more affordable our 8-year warrantied foam raising & leveling system is compared to replacement.

Pool deck repair chicago - Cocnrete Pool Deck Trip Hazard Repair - Concrete Pool Deck Stabilization - Concrete Pool Deck Leveling - Concrete Pool Deck Lifting - Concrete Pool Deck Raising

Public pool repair project in the Chicago area. Elevation Concrete Raising leveled and stabilized the pool deck concrete slabs for this customer eliminating trip hazards and improving the stability of the concrete pool deck so it will last for years to come.

Crack Repair Chicago - Pool Crack Repair Chicago - Concrete Crack Repair Chicago - Pool Deck Repair Chicago

Concrete pool deck crack repair on a pool deck we worked on in the Chicago area. If left unrepaired this crack would have become more damaged over the years as snow and ice penetrated the pool deck risking damage to the pool itself.

Crack Repair Chicago - Pool Crack Repair Chicago - Concrete Crack Repair Chicago - Pool Deck Repair Chicago

Finished pool deck crack repair. We use a polyurethane-based self-leveling concrete caulk that helps prevent contaminants from penetrating the pool deck and causing further damage.

Pool Deck Repair Chicago
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Pool Deck Leveling Chicago - Pool Concrete Raising Chicago - Pool Concrete Lifting Chicago
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